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Welcome to my website - Talking About “The Brown Stuff”. Of course, I’m referring to poo which, unfortunately, is not everyone’s favourite subject! Sadly, too many people wait until it’s actually hitting the fan before they ask for help and guidance around what can be a difficult and embarrassing subject.


How do I know this? Well, I’ve been a colon hydrotherapy practitioner for well over a decade and have therefore been at the sharp end of the human digestive process. I’ve seen a lot of [email protected], and can tell you with great confidence, that when we ignore this essential part of our bodily process, we suffer the consequences in the long term. So I’ve decided to bring the somewhat marginalised function of having a decent poo into the spotlight for analysis!


Seriously though, bowel dysfunction, digestive disorders, tummy troubles and poo related problems cost us greatly, be that in the form of personal discomfort and loss of self-confidence, or professionally from the loss of staff hours from the work place. Paying attention to our poo could literally save us from paying the ultimate price, with bowel cancer claiming approximately 44 lives per day in the UK alone.


So I’m on a mission to bring the subject of poo, gut health and toilet habits out into the open so that the millions of people that struggle daily with bowel related symptoms feel that they are not alone, and they don’t have to continue to suffer in silence.


Click on the player below for a sneak preview....

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